Welcome to Seagulls TV

On this retro Albion fan site, you can catch video links from YouTube of Brighton & Hove Albion from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

Beginning with Pat Saward's side through to the glory days under Alan Mullery, you can relive all the years going up to the final season at the Goldstone Ground.

Enjoy the player profiles, action pictures, results and squad photos.

Here, you can also read daily retro Albion articles on The Goldstone Wrap.

If you know of any other vintage Albion footage and photos of the 1970s and 1980s that Seagulls TV could link to, please contact Goldstone Rapper on seagulls@me.com

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Featured videos
Brighton win the FA Cup in 1983! Just for fun!
Girls in the Old Brighton Blue Eat your heart out, Gully's Girls.
The Goldstone Message Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five meets BHAFC '83.
Fred Dineage breaks the Jewish Chronicle Cup Whoops!
Peter Ward is Magic - 'The Goals, The Glory' A compilation of televised goals.
'Soccer in the '70s' - Alan Mullery, Mark Lawrenson A heartwarming reminisce about the years leading to promotion in 1979.
'Soccer in the '70s' - Mark Lawrenson Lawro remembers playing with Peter Ward and being managed by Alan Mullery.
Goldstone Ground, 1976 Set to eerie music.
Andy Kennedy Goals compilation 1992-94.

What’s new on Seagulls TV?

There is now a new section focussing on the videos, team photos, action shots and results from seasons 1990/91 to 1996/97.

A daily retro blog called The Goldstone Wrap. has also been created for you to enjoy.

Acknowledgements for help in creating this website have been added.

What’s next for Seagulls TV?

Building a section for seasons 1983/84 to 1989/90.

Creating a section on home and away kits from 1970/71 to 1996/97.

Finishing off the action photos for 1978/79, 1979/80, 1981/82 and 1982/83.

Writing player profiles for 1973/74, 1974/97 and 1975/76.

Adding more detail to player profiles from 1976/77 to 1982/83.

What’s in the distant
future for Seagulls TV?

Player profiles for 1983/84 to 1996/97.

Adding more action photos for 1983/84 to 1996/97.

A brief 1950s and 1960s section?

Begin development of 1997/98 to 1999/2000?

This might all take a few years. It'll be worth it, though!

A big thank you, already, to all of you who have visited this site since it was started in February 2009, and who have waited patiently for updates as the site has expanded over the years.

Special acknowledgement to Doug, Gary Williams, Jim, Marcus, Mike, Roy, wanderbus and Wes for help with video; Cappers and Nick for their photo archives, Warren for help in colourising some photos; Chris and Rich from The Football Attic for inspiring me to blog; Peter and Jacqueline Ward, and Steve Cowdry, for continual encouragement; Paul (Cult Zeros), Jack (Eye On The Seagulls), Not Worth That, TSLR, We Are Brighton and Seagulls Chat for their excellent websites and support; Hiney for his online programme archiving; Phil for shirt expertise and lending me the Book of Football to scan; Albion Roar for great interviews with Chris Cattlin, Andy Rollings and John Vinicombe (which provided such a great education into Albion history); and Paul Wright (a Crystal Palace fan, no less) and redneb (a Southampton fan) for kindly allowing me to use their photos.

Plus everyone at North Stand Chat who has contributed to all my retro threads, and helped me to expand my knowledge of the Albion story. In particular, severnside gull, Freddie Goodwin, BigGully, and hove born&bred. And if there's anyone else I've forgotten - sorry!